Track Review: Big Greg - You Can Have It All

While 2017 has hosted a fruitful comeback for early 2000’s Emo music, we may not be ready to revisit 2009. Big Greg’s new single, ‘You Can Have It All’ is an uncomfortable reminder of how corny, formulaic, and predictable mainstream Hip Hop was eight years ago. With unmistakably Drake-esque “yeah”s, Lil Wayne’s love-song rasp, and an instrumental that sounds like it didn't make the cut on T.I.’s Paper Trail, Big Greg comes with a track so middle-of-the-road that it’s cringy. 

Although ‘You Can Have It All’ features the bright synths that helped burrow “Right Round” in your head for a summer, Big Greg lacks the charisma that his influences depended on. Thusly, we get a song that tries to be catchy, but comes off dull. ‘You Can Have It All’ feels like a low quality version of Keri Hilson’s ‘Knock You Down’ where Big Greg tries to do Kanye, Ne-Yo, and Keri’s parts. My critiques for this song may only come as critiques of 2009 Pop-Rap in the context of modern Hip Hop. This song isn't particularly flawed, it just doesn't come with a lot of originality, and the synth-heavy surface-level romance rap song is not ready to make a comeback. What makes a throwback successful is when it contrasts heavily with modern music and when enough time has passed for it to be obvious that it’s intentionally dated. I can’t tell if Big Greg is trying to make a 2009 throwback radio ballad, or is just still living in the world of cocked fitteds with the tag on, oversized white tees, BBM, and DGK. Even though Q-Tip did say that “Things go in cycles” in regard to trends, some trends need to lie dormant a little longer than others.